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        Q: How much do you charge?
        A: Our minimum charge is €80. The price of a custom design depends on the artist, size and placement of the tattoo. To get an accurate quote you must contact our management, send pictures, dimensions and ideas by email / Facebook.


        Q: Do you charge extra for making a custom design?
        A: No, preparing the design and consultations are included in the price. You pay solely for the time in which you are being tattooed.


        Q: How much notice must I give if I need to cancel / reschedule my session?
        A: We required to be notified at least 48 hours. Failing to do so may result in the loss of your deposit.


        Q: What is the minimum age for tattooing?
        A: You need to be at least 18 years old. Photo ID is required on the day of the session.


        Q: Do you do cover ups/repairs/laser removal of existing tattoos?
        A: Yes we do, when possible. Our artists must see the tattoo prior to any correctional work or removal. We offer laser removal treatments prior to starting cover ups to create unhindered original work.


        Q: How long is your waiting list?
        A: The waiting list depends on the design and the artist. Please contact one of our managers to help you with choosing the right artist for you.


        Q: Can I see the design before my tattoo session?
        A: Yes, you can see the design a day before your session with us. Our artists prepare custom designs to order. We do not send designs by emails etc. Once you decide which artist you would like to get tattooed by, you will have a free consultation with him and we will gather the information we need to prepare your custom design.


        Q: Do you do Walk ins?
        A: Mostly we work with appointments but we do walk-ins as well. In our shop there are 9 artists, but the best option for Walk ins is to contact us by email/ Facebook or phone to check our availability.


        Q: Do you do gift vouchers?
        A: Yes, we do €50, €80 and €100 Vouchers. They are valid 1 Year from the day of purchase.


        Q: How do I look after my tattoo ?
        A: Every artist will explain it to his customer after tattooing. Here is view of the after care sheet you will get in the end of your session:


        • Change the Cling film before going to bed at night.
        • Wash your tattoo with warm soapy water
        • Rinse well with clean water, pat dry & apply light layer of
          BEPANTHEN ointment.
        • Change the cling film 5 times a day for the next 2 days,
          washing the tattoo and applying the cream every time.
        • Apply the cream between 5-8 times a day for the next 14 days.
        • Keep the tattoo clean, avoid dust, grease and oil.
        • DO NOT SWIM, SOAK or SUNBATHE until fully healed.
        • If You use a sunbed or are out in the sun, cover the tattoo
          with the highest factor sunblock.


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        Q : What to clean with ?
        A : Best cleaning solution for any piercing is a mild sea salt and warm water solution.


        Q : Whats the age limits for piercing ?
        A : 16+ is the minimum age. Limits will vary depending on piercing. (eg. ear rim 16 with parent present, 18 with ID for tongue)


        Q : Whats the average healing ?
        A : Average healing is 8 weeks. Healing times will vary depending on piercing.


        Q ; What type of jewelry ?
        A : All jewelry is made from medical grade steel ( 316L ) or titanium in accordance with EU nickel directives.


        Q : What if I have a problem with my piercing ?
        A : Don’t panic ! Usually most problems with piercings are minor and easily rectified. Call in ring or drop us a message on FB or Email. Follow up aftercare and advice are free and with years with experience to draw from we will be able to fix you up in no time.



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        Q: Does it hurt ?

        A: No more than a tattoo, in some cases easier.


        Q: How many sessions do I need ?

        A: This will vary from piece to piece , skin type to skin type, and what pigment ( ink ) was used. Usually results will be visible within first two sessions. Black responds better ,faster then color.


        Q: How long does it take to heal ?

        A: Between 4 – 6 weeks.


        Q: Does it scar ?

        A: In theory yes.Usually not visibly. Correct aftercare during the healing period will minimize any risks.